Email Hosting

The last few decades have witnessed a huge explosion in the number of people who use emails for conducting business, leading to a great surge in the demand for email hosting services. An email hosting service is essentially an internet based hosting service that operates email servers, thus allowing the users of this service to manage their electronic messages or emails via these servers.

There are several free email services available like those provided by Google (gmail), Microsoft (hotmail), Yahoo etc. Most people use these for personal work, but prefer to go with premium email services for business purposes as opposed to free webmail. Such email hosting services are mostly employed by businesses who wish to use custom email addresses matching the domain names of their business/company website. Lets consider this example. If your company website is named ““, you can create as many email addresses with “” as the trailing address, like – or or

Large businesses usually employ email server software or email client programs like Microsoft Exchange on their own infrastructure to host email services for their company. But smaller and mid-size businesses that lack the infrastructure capability prefer to choose an email hosting service provider that offers premium email services at a cost. Such email hosting providers often present custom email configurations along with basic email services, like email authentication and also at times manage the customers’ domain names.

Almost all email hosting packages come with standard POP3 email access which enables all preferred email clients like Windows mail, Outlook, Eudora etc. to be supported. Also virus and spam protection tools and applications are also offered, in addition to maintaining the security of all email accounts. Most email hosting companies store the email archives of customers’ email accounts on their own servers and provide for backup and 100% uptime of these. Most also offer the webmail access, so that customers can access their email anytime from the internet.

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What is Shared Hosting?

If you are new to the web hosting world, and are looking for a decent web hosting solution to host your website, it is important that you learn the basics of shared web hosting and understand whether it suits your hosting requirements or not. Various types of hosting solutions vary hugely in price, costing anywhere from a few bucks a month to couple of hundreds. Shared hosting is by far the most popular and cheapest option available in the hosting industry.

In Shared hosting, the server where your website physically resides hosts multiple other websites as well. The hosting server is typically partitioned into several sections, and each of these sections is used to host a website, thus the server resources are shared amongst all these websites and so are the server maintenance costs, thus making shared hosting a very cheap and viable solution.

If you have a static or a general information website, or even your personal or business website that doesn’t change very frequently and doesn’t generate loads of traffic, a shared hosting solution should work very well for you.

Shared hosting offers reasonable speed. Most hosting companies provide more disk space, bandwidth and email accounts than most users or businesses ever need, so it normally works quite well for most. Since in shared hosting the server resources are shared between multiple websites, the CPU usage is fixed to an upper limit for each website. This is to prevent one site from slowing down the others. If your site happens to exceed your set CPU limit (resulting from a sudden surge in traffic for example), this could result in your website being suspended or could incur you extra costs. You may even consider upgrading to a dedicated server if your website resource demands increase over a period of time.

Shared hosting is quite a good fit for most users because it is pretty cheap, does not require any network administration skills, can be very easily configured through the C-panel (which means you site can be up within 24 hours) and offers very decent performance and reliability.

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